I seem to devote many blogs and podcasts to this one medical condition. Read on to understand why – just the numbers along are staggering, never mind the negative effects this disease can have on our heart, eyes, kidneys and nervous system.

 In the United States there are:MH900161806

 – over 80 million Pre-Diabetics and most do not know it is coming!

– 26 million known Diabetics

– 50% of Native American belonging to the Pima tribe are diagnosed as Diabetics by age 40

– the number of newly diagnosed Diabetics doubles every 6 years!


MH900286867Horrifying numbers – so what can you do not to become one of these stats?

– weight loss can decrease your chance by as much as 60%

– watching your lipids-cholesterol and triglycerides – this is one of the routine blood tests you probably already have had – if you ever get a medical test do not presume it was ‘ok’ just because no one called you to say otherwise-find out even better get a copy of the results.

– do not burn out your ‘beta’ cells  , found in pancreas and produce insulin a hormone that breaks down glucose-sugar. Less intake of sugar less work the beta cells need to do.

– family history is a factor, if you have a Diabetic in your family get checked and followed.

My iTunes channel “DocHandal Speaks Listen Up” has a short podcast on recognition of these conditions do have a listen.