Which has more bacteria a public toilet or your cellphone? If you guessed cellphone you are correct – it has 10-18 times more bacteria. You do not have to be a germaphobe to take a step back!

Among all the contaminates lurks bacteria, bacteria that are antibiotic-resistant. We all know that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be lethal. How is it spread, as the most common breeding ground is the hospital setting? Is it through healthcare professionals? We need to prevent transmission to patients, especially immunocompromised patients.

A small study, from Brazil,  ID’ed nursing student’s phones as a serious culprit.

Samples for bacterial culture were taken from students in biomedical, nursing, dentistry and nutritional program. The worst offenders were nursing students with their cellphones (2/3) contaminated with resistant strains of bacteria. Other students to a lesser degree had infested cellphones.

These bacteria mostly had the ability to form ‘biofilm’ and adhere to surfaces like cellphones. The perfect solution for cleaning has not yet met consensus nor widespread use. 

Placing a cellphone in a UV-C light for 30 seconds is starting to be implemented for visitors to intensive neonatal nurseries in many hospitals. Studies have been completed and products are available for purchase to decontaminate cellphones and other commonly handled devices. 

I personally own a PhoneSoap 3.0, do your own reading and please find your cleaning solution.