Why, when the CEO of a public company (traded on stock exchange) has a medical issue, MUST it be reported to the SEC? Recall Warren Buffet’s announcement of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.  There was a bit of a hoopla when Apple CEO Steve Job delayed reporting his cancer. If it is related to the almighty dollar, society has a right to know.

As we get ready to choose the next ‘leader of the free-world’, do we presume, or do we have a right to know, about his health history? What medication is your candidate on? Does he have any medical issues we need to know about?

I believe we have the right to know!

Hollywood, as often occurs, brings matters to the forefront. Remember the 6th season of West Wing, the TV sitcom on life in the White House, when President Bartlett was discovered to have multiple sclerosis (MS). The public and his staff were rightly indignant not to have been informed of his problem before they supported him.

But how far should we take this? Do you want to know if the US Supreme Court judges are ill or on medications that might alter their judgment?