HeartSmokingPosterIf you smoke, know that yearly in the US almost half a million folks die from diseases related smoking or second hand smoke inhalation. The adjacent poster shows why quitting is good for everyone – want to download it-   HeartSmokingPosterColor

Poisonous toxins, such as lead, tar, arsenic, and about 600 chemicals, are found in the unlit death stick (including cigars). Once it is lighted, the smoke contains thousands more chemicals, which reap havoc in our bodies: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, acetone, and toluene, to name a few. As these cancer-producing vapors, are inhaled our bodies absorb and with time, we pay A price.

FYI, marijuana smoke contains much the same toxic components, irritants, and carcinogens.

BTW, smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes!

What To Do! Use excellent resources, a few are linked here:

– Want to Quit

– Help someone Quit

– Push someone to quit – buy someone a 3 month gift membership to an online program to help them ‘kick the stick’ privately!