Finally in the USA -Quick Heart Blood Test

Within 9 minutes this new – to the US – blood test can ID if you are starting to have a heart attack (infarctions).

TnT has been used elsewhere in the world for over 7 years.

MI troponin (TnT) is a highly sensitive indicator that heart muscle is beginning to die.

This is great news for patients who present to the ER with chest pain. Also for the ER Docs’ this test is faster and detects smaller size heart infarctions. Care to stop or reverse can start sooner, recall ‘time is heart muscle lost’.

Blood Delivery Via Drone

Get blood Fast! It has been tested and tested it is SAFE to ship/deliver blood via a drone! A ‘proof-of-concept’ study from John’s Hopkin’s researchers showed temperature and viability of red blood cells for transfusions can be ‘shipped’ by drone. In rural areas rather than transport the patient for advanced care, ¬†blood can be remotely piloted into the patient saving precise time and yes money! Chemical and microbial products as well as blood samples for testing ¬†have been found to maintain integrity when transported by drone.

Further studies across US and overseas are planned to evaluate best programmable coolers for drone transport.


Mumps Comeback

Health officials in Seattle identified an apparent outbreak of mumps in children under age 17 is underway.

Concerning is that 62% of cases had vaccines against mumps! Twitter reported then that the number of mumps cases in WA as nearly 350.

So please watch out for swelling at angle of the jaw, side of face into cheeks – can be one side only.

Mumps has serious complications causing inflammation of brain and dependent on the sex of patient inflammation of the ovaries or testes.