As one trains in medicine, one may easily develop a ‘God’ complex, or some might say a ‘superhero’ mindset. After all, intense responsibility for the health, and wellbeing of others requires a degree of self-confidence which may transform a physician and subsequently overflow into personal life. An evolved emotional armor may translate into an indestructible mentality. Some say only adrenalin ‘junkies’ choose certain specialties ex. Emergency Medicine no surprise this group has highest drug abuse.

Even the ‘best’ health care system’s physicians struggle with burnout. A Mayo Clinic survey found that, even when 79 percent of physicians reported feeling ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their organizations, 40 percent of them still exhibited symptoms of burnout. Burnout is lowest in the youngest and oldest physicians.

Grave consequences follow physician burnout. Common occurrences such as medical errors will occur, a recent blog addressed reality that in the USA it is the third leading cause of death. Wither errors are due to the physician’s drug or alcohol use or just stress it has tremendous negative effect including suicide.

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