Holidays are notorious for bringing on strokes. Those on blood pressure medication(s) who routinely monitor and treat this condition can easily deviate, not only in checking the ‘numbers’ but also in the diet. After all, it’s an occasion. Indiscretions occur. Remember stress can also raise blood pressure, plenty of that during the holidays. Vigilance is more than ever necessary now. My message is to check your ‘numbers’ more often and always carry a day’s dose might have to double up.

Our body likes consistency and that is especially true when it comes to blood pressure. On the road, eating others cooking, varied sleep all can rake havoc with the ‘numbers’.

Due to variable sleep, diet, and hydration, automatic taking medication is not advised. Monitoring is a must, your routine activity, heck everything is different during the holidays.  

Please remember to take reading properly:

—Taking blood pressure is always best when sitting up with both feet on the ground

—Waiting 3-5 min of rest – No coughing, moving

—Emotions effective blood pressure so if high and might be related, wait 15 minutes and repeat.

—need to urinate or have bowel movement this will affect blood pressure numbers

  after eating, blood pressure can be lower

Take medication guided by the ‘numbers’, your healthcare provider should have given you guidelines for what, when to take more or less also when to go to ER. Read one of my many blogs on recognizing a stroke.

You can avoid a stroke!