finland-saunasYes, I blog allot about the heart – what is good and bad for it – perhaps it is because in the USA over 550,000 die each year from heart attack the Number 1 cause of death. FYI – stroke is No. 5!

Now for what Finnish researchers* have found – dry sauna use impacts the risk for sudden cardiac arrest (heart suddenly stops) as well as coronary artery disease. Following men age 42-60, researches noted those using sauna 4 times a week for over 19 minutes despite presence of cardiac risk factors (smoking HBP, cholesterol level, weight) had a statistically significant positive effect on long term survival.

Worth the time form this evidence however exactly what is it about the sauna experience perhaps a meditative state that we know contributes to total health.


*JAMA Intern Med. Published online February 23, 2015. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.8187