UK national health system studied patients wanting to stop smoking either thru e-cig or NRT. I want to share the results today.

-You should know the effects of vaping having long-term consequence is not fully revealed.

Along with behavioral support participants received e-cigs or nicotine replacement therapies (gum, patch, nasal spray, lozenges)
Of note were side effects: for e-cig users -throat and mouth irritation and forĀ NRT users- more nausea.

A year later confirm that e-cigarettes are an effective way for smokers to quit smoking. However, in this study, 80% of those who stopped smoking using e-cigarettes were still vaping 1 year later.

More to think about:
– e-cigs vapor has been proven to contain toxins that negatively affect human cells. I have blogged before on this very finding. #ListenDocknows