There are a few well worth habits to heed if you spend any time at a monitor. Your eyes can be saved so much by realizing why the following recommendations are endorsed by Ophthalmologists.



Eyes work hard looking and interpreting images displayed –  

characters on electronic devices, which are made up of pixels, which have blurred edges, that make it a challenge for eyes to maintain focus.


Distance is important –

Eyes are comfortable at a specific focusing range, the screen distance – 20 to 26 inches away. The closer the eyes are to the monitor, the harder they have to work to accommodate to it. <-use a ruler and leave it out for another measurement.

The University of Pennsylvania’s ophthalmology department advises that the center of the monitor should be about four to eight inches lower than the eyes to minimize dryness and itching by lessening the exposed surface of the eyes because they are not opened wide. This distance also allows the neck to remain in a more relaxed position.” <-get the ruler out


Lighting –

Overly bright overhead light and streaming daylight force the eyes to strain to see what is on the screen. A bright monitor also causes your pupils to constrict, giving the eyes a greater range of focus. Feng Shui your home office, one source a video is worth a look.


The glare that is blue light emission –

Emitted from screens necessitate wearing – blue light filtering lenses or screen protectors. Minimize glare.”Switching device to nite mode helps avoid sleep disturbances. The medical community has warned that  new ultra-bright light-emitting diode (LED) lamps that many cities are now using in their streetlights could “contribute to the risk of chronic disease.” Serious effects on decreasing melatonin levels occur even just after one hour of exposure. <-I do this with an orange lens, especially at night.


Screen Timing is critical –

Ophthalmologists suggest adhering to the ’20-20-20′ rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.” <-I use an app for this to remind me otherwise glasses with prism lens, as you loose ‘accommodation’ -ability to focus when viewing distances.