MH900438746The rant ‘eat this and not this’ is everywhere but do you reach for foods that can increase your brainpower? It is never to early to start! This short blog throws out or perhaps reminds you what to reach for to increase your brainpower:

– a new study just released from Columbia University links cocoa’s high level of flavanols (naturally occurring antioxidant) to reversed age-related mental decline in healthy older adults.

– beet juice taken by older subjects (>70 years), who then had brain MRIs showed a measurably improvement in blood flow. Apparently the nitrates, in beets, carrots and other brightly colored root vegetables, are converted into nitrite in the body. Nitrite, by the way, is the stuff that makes Viagra get its groove on.

– almond butter works because of its high concentration of Vit. E

– blueberries, high in flavanols an antioxidant and decreases inflammation

– green tea from ancient times is a powerful tool allowing the brain to learn faster

– cherry tomatoes, the deep red means more carotenoid content especially from the skin which is rich in lycopene (one of the carotenoids, plant pigment) boosts mood by inhibiting brain inflammation which results in depression.

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