Many of us have had bad breath (oral malodor) hopefully infrequently so here comes a quick blog with a few pearls.mouth

Temporary relief toothpaste/mouthwash does not get to the root of the problem. Masking the result of hundreds of bacterial species metabolizing in all our mouths is impossible. These bacteria digest our diet esp. proteins, after several smelly substances arise, hence bad breath and even deposits on our tongues’ surface.

Have you heard of any of these ‘folk’ cures? I found that eggshells (China), parsley (Italy), guava peels (Thailand), and cloves (Iraq) are in the ‘lore’. Sulfur is the culprit, a by-product of bacteria breaking down protein.

It is not always your mouth that is cause postnasal drip from your sinuses can result in a malodor. Another possible cause is a belch from an esophagus that is not closed well, bringing up stomach odors.

So let’s get to prevention – naturally good dental hygiene – especially flossing as a deterrent, along with brushing or scraping your tongue surface or chewing gum. Stimulation of saliva, which contains lysozymes, inhibits of bacterial growth.

Check for postnasal drip and take steps to stop it. Should you suffer from frequent belching have your esophagus evaluated.