While it is probably true that ‘there is an App for everything’, how does one know what is out there and which is personally worthwhile. Especially in the health area, this is paramount as positive impacts using health technology abound. Health IT is big and getting bigger. Before you download any App you do research – correct? 

I have recently been directed to the online Health Informatics program at the University of Illinois, Chicago. A valiant effort by responsible parties. I want you to read this orienting article, which will arm you with important info on the state of mobile health technology.

This ‘teaser’ article covers quite a few of the topics for which there are Apps out there: diabetes, medication reminders, nutrition, menstruation, anxiety, and stress to name a few.

Details cover all you need (inc. Apple – Android) but as always chose what is going to work for you- you don’t want to download an app looks good but is useless for your needs.