eat-722387_1280Most of us were never taught how to chew correctly in order to maximize nutrition and not suffer ‘bellyaches’. ¬†Stomachs do not have teeth!

I want to share some basics, so here goes:

-chew your food to liquid then your gut does not have to work so hard – you’ll notice less gas and bloating

-chew each bite 20-50 times. Steak will be closer to 50. It takes time!

-slow down there is no fire. It takes about 20 minutes for the food volume in your stomach to tell the brain Рfull! How many of us are finished before?

Yes you will loose weight!

Heed these words and watch your digestive irregularities improve and maybe even resolve.

While we are discussing safe chewing I want to let you in on a ‘find’ of mine. Next time what to throw a ‘chew’ in your mouth rather than Glee or Bazooka bubble gum use a probiotic gum. Want to get rid of bad breath, no better way than to use a probiotic gum.