IMG_2271THINK before you eat!

– Limit salty food, always taste food before reaching for the salt shaker.

– Limit ‘fast food’ and sugary beverages including juice drinks.

– Avoid processed meats – deli meats hotdog sausage bacon and the like

– Protein is important but limit red meat consumption so you’re only having four meals a week and each  containing – 3 ounces -think about the size of a deck of cards.

– I have harped on fiber’s  importance in many aspects of our health – regular bowel movements, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer prevention to mention a few. Eat more high-fiber foods  such as whole-grain breads and cereals. Look for a fiber bar you like and remember to drink plenty of water. Realize when you first start increasing your fiber intake you have a temporary increase gas and cramps this will stop once your bowels gets used to a high-fiber intake.

– Think the plant-based foods for protein like quinoa, lentils and beans.

 – Choose green vegetable,

– Choose oils such as olive oil and canola and use them sparingly.

– Limit fatty foods especially from animal fats

– Alcohol while good should be in moderation and dictated by your medical health

– Remember your doctor and most insurances can allow (especially if you’re overweight) a nutritional consultation with a professional.

Many resources are available on the net but be sure it has a credible background. Visit the US Department of Agriculture‘s site Food & Nutritional Information Center , an awesome.