You hear there is an App for everything and these 2  new app strongly supports the reality. I want to share 2 App finds: one on obesity, another for heart patients leaving the hospital.

These US obesity Facts are disheartening:

-Obese as even the media recognizes is a BMI of 30 or greater

-2/3 of adults in our country are obese

-More than half of children will be obese by age 35

Unhealthy eating results in, primary obesity and obesity related diseases, that effects 64% of the US. There are apps allows you to set a budget then follow the USA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Once such app is BagIQ grabs data from your loyalty program updates from over 500,000 locations food stores nationwide. See image for sample screen below. Search for an app that helps you.


Now as you leave the hospital after a heart event, personal instructions can be programmed into an app. Medication reminders document your weight vitals (blood pressure, heart rate). Plus the app allows your caregivers to monitor your progress at home. One such app is SamiConnect , a 24/7 companion developed with cardiologists. It is up to the hospital and physicians to choose an app that they can use and monitor. This app curiously has a qualifier that you must be 17 to download.