Epidemic – Under diagnosed and under treated this viral liver disease occurs in 3.2 million Americans.MH900438738 Half of these people do not know they are ‘infected’. Sad is that only 5-6%have been successfully treated (publications in numerous 2013 medical Journals).

Get Tested – This blood test is recommended regardless of risk factors being present. Most people do not know they are at risk for HCV, baby boomers (born 1945-1965) account for 73% of HCV related medical deaths surpassing HIV. The leading reason for liver transplantation is having HCV.

If your health care provider wants to do a one-time screening – go for it! Otherwise ask for the screening blood test.

Then Рif  screening test is positive, diagnosing will require further tests and treatment no matter the symptoms. Like in many diseases the earlier one is treated the more effective and possibility of cure.