MC900433826There is more for our smart phone to do! Yes an App for blood pressure tracking (taking and recording). Those of us with high blood pressure – ‘hypertension‘ (HBP) should check/track our pressure to avoid stroke and heart attack and at times alter medication(s). Innovation is this area is wise –  1 in 3 Americans adults have HBP and nearly half  do not have their blood pressure under control. We need to check regularly and follow prescribed treatment. It is not wise to wait till next visit to the doctor.

Again here technology can help us take control of our lives! A new hi-tech ‘marvel’ might be just what many need to start self-monitoring. Numerous devices exist and measure, at the wrist or arm, and many are FDA cleared. If you are already happily self tracking with a $30 device no need to look at hi-tech mobile devices.

 Considering the strengths and weakness of each non-mobile and mobile device given what you would ‘tolerate’ use with ease have patience for. Decide what is best for you, one you do not find cumbersome. If you have an Apple device the new iOS 8 has HealthKit platform can integrate other Apps that monitor health facets.

Considerations: cost, ease or for many ‘fun’ to use.

What is out there:

– non mobile (dependent if arm not wrist model) $30 and up

– mobile range with the least expensive mobile $100. Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and bluetooth feature.

A good and recent review of available wireless BP devices is worth a read.  FYI new crowd sourced device by Qardio (QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor) will hit market early next year w approx. cost $100. ForaCare & maybe even Omron the most available from Wal-Mart to Costco are names to watch as they will bring mobile models to market.

Monitor your HBP or ‘blow a gasket’ that is possibly suffer a stroke!