No shopping info here, just a few thoughts on healthy actions you need to take, especially during the holidays.

First, allow time for yourself; don’t overstretch yourself. You’re not a superhuman. If you are feeling stressed, this cannot be good; remove yourself from the situation. Remember, you do not stay well pushing yourself to the limit.

At times, all you need is someone to talk to. I hope you have an empathetic friend or family member who can decrease your stress. Not reducing stress will put your health at significant risk.

It is especially helpful during the holidays to set some boundaries. I’m telling you to say no at times, as you can’t say yes to every request and invitation or you’ll be exhausted and overwhelmed. Saying no to something allows you to say yes to other things that may make you happier. If you think someone around you is toxic, get away from them.

It is always healthy, and especially during “the season”, to set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day for exercise.

Many of us volunteer during the holidays; helping others, especially those who need assistance, will make you happier. Trust me, it is well worth pursuing friends, family and groups that have needs. You will have a pleasant, non-stressful interlude helping folks in your community.

Lastly, be realistic; aiming for perfection sets you up for failure. Don’t sweat the small stuff, as they say.
Joyous Holidays!