img_0012It is true where there is a need a business will grow! Have a ‘HUNGOVR’ – the license plate of a recent find. No surprise medical personnel far from venture capital start-up groups have recognized the realities of the season and taken it to their pockets!

In traffic I found myself behind this vehicle, amazed and thinking the ER will have less patients this holiday season!

Someone smart had ID’ed (perhaps from their suffering) how to meet the most common need of partygoers. The premise being ‘tune up, party more’ I guess? The display shows an AZ firefighter logo – no surprise paramedics start IVs all the time. Marketing well, they list for all to see, the likely hood of needing mobile hydration. No longer a need to leave the party for the ER.

However, they do not stop with one angle – partygoers they target weddings sports events and any ‘illness’. If you want vitamins and other known medications (ex. for nausea) they can be added- yes for a price! The packages have cool names- ‘super nova’, ‘rock star’, ‘shooting star’ and ‘rising star’ to name a few.

This economic is spurring new businesses!