Seasonal Affective Disorder is the dark side of the holiday season. A form of depression relatively common needs to be recognized in its subtleness and addressed. Learn behavioral clues, and plan to intervene from Doc Handal

Listen Up or Read on…

Holiday stress is a well-recognized condition, we see it in the workplace, at home even on transit. Chiatic world TMI more tan ever The condition is termed ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’.

The holiday season is not all laughs and happy thoughts this condition must be ID’ed and meet head on.

Behavioral clue – if a known coworker/loved one becomes ‘miserable’ (non stop complaints) the fact you think it or hear it.

Causes – ?’s re: job security, children or finance along with increase in alcohol (t’is the season to parties) which is a depressant coupled with poor sleep and over eating

Results- interruption of exercise, routine, diet showing up as a decrease performance, increase conflict.

Plan acknowledge xtra patience understanding give a mental health day to your self esp. bet Thansgiving NY

Wishing all a peaceful low stress holiday