Many of us enjoyed raising a glass of wine and or spirits during the holidays. Perhaps you do not customarily in vibe to that degree? Wither you overdid it or not with the alcohol I recommend that we all take to heart the recent study that shows taking a break from alcohol even just a month has lasting positive health effects. You might say it is a ‘no brainer’ since it is well known that drinking can contribute to health issues such as liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and others.

British researchers started ‘Dry January’ in 2018 and noted as they followed participants that higher energy level, and better weight. Participants were studied via a survey online and followed thru August 2018.

Not only did one month of abstinence lead to decrease number of drinking days later in the year but also did not drink to excess – drunkenness later in the year.

Other noteworthy immediate results included:

‘9 in 10 saved money, 7 in 10 slept better, 3 in five lost weight’.

Please have a read of the article for more benefits of just one month of no alcohol.

JOIN ME ┬ádoing a ‘Dry March!