So you got a NEGATIVE SARS CO-2 test result (being incorrectly called COVID-19 test). The presence of the virus is being determined in the PCR test. Recall COVID19 is the disease/illness with whatever of the many possible symptoms.

Okay, what exactly does a negative result mean? IT is not a get out of the house card. First, realize that the accuracy of the tests is still in question. Also how much virus replication is necessary for present-day tests to sense? The PCR is the most used test to assess the presence of this virus in your body. A Negative test does not mean you do not have a low level or even a high level of the virus. Individuals for example with type O blood type might not develop symptoms nor test positive but may actually be shedding the virus!  As you can imagine these are the unknowing folks that spread the infection, they feel ok and test negative hence home free?

A Chinese study, after vigorous tracking, shows approx. 44% of transmission is from presymptomatic folks. So common sense tells you if you wait for symptoms to quarentine\isolate, you most likely already ‘shared’ the virus. Think about how the common cold virus spreads.

If you were exposed Monday – your test is negative, day five (when symptoms commonly start your test has a 38% chance of being a ‘false’ negative. Do you get the idea? Please wear a mask distance this virus is not a hoax!