Each one of us plays a major role in our health care, every minute of every day we are ultimately in charge. Information is constantly changing, hence a need for vigilance on all our parts to stay up to date so we can better care for ourselves and our families. This web site provides a connection to medical information that would otherwise not be easily accessed. Emergency medical experts have been invited to participate in an effort to make available a broad selection of useful information and resources. It’s our philosophy that by providing medical common sense as easy-to-understand information we can help to create a strong base upon which consumers can build their knowledge, enabling them to make better health care decisions. does not attempt to address every area of first aid or medicine. This site is not a substitute for direct medical attention. Our medical professionals are available to educate and enlighten in a variety of formats.

Every once in a while practical easy to apply to daily life is arrived at by scientists. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  published (March 19) deduction regarding airplane travel and illness. No one knows the true numbers,so much passes undetected.