Virtual Reality As Medical Care

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has recently announced a new study in the works using virtual reality (VR) for pain management in hospitalized. Certain medical and surgical patients are testing pain improvement when using these devices..

Virtual reality allows a person to put on headset like Google Cardboard (2 for $25, Oculus Rift ($1500.), or Gear VR(@$200 only w Samsung products)and submerge into the view. VR is being tested in many areas of medicine, from treating psychiatric conditions to helping train medical students. I personally am enjoying the Goggle Cardboard and gifting it for friends.


‘Wearables’ Coined

This new word includes tech textile, such as workout clothing. Biometric data gathering clothing can now cover you head to toe. A sweat cap or band can measure heart rate, body temperature calories burned. Check out socks, shirts and shoes, all Bluetooth connected to a Smartphone App! A starting site is Spree wearables .


Curbside Cocaine Test

In the works, cocaine roadside testing both sensitive & accurate. The results would be quick and w/o blood or urine needed. Saliva could do it! Further testing is being carried out to make it inexpensive and widely available.


Only 1 drop of Blood

A one-drop test that the Mayo Clinic, among others, is using can screen for cancer and diabetes. Created in Canada (Univ. Victoria), I hope that this test is coming soon to a hospital near all!


Great  Book Gift

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.39.28 AMSee Inside Your Body; Hardcover; Author – Katie Dayneskey age 4 and up

A wonderful gift! This book is targeted for those age 4 & up. Check out the book and reviews on Amazon.