Do not let these myths harm your health!Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.03.27 PM

Injections hurt – insulin goes into the fatty tissue just under the skin, where there are few nerve endings.  Needles today are very short and fine headed. Still scared, try a cold pack  (10-20-seconds before injecting.  Afraid of needles use the insulin pen (no syringe).

If you are prescribed insulin it is because your body (the pancreas) can only control your blood sugar. So you need to inject insulin that your pancreas can no longer make – to handle your blood sugar.

Taking insulin is a personal failure –  NOT SO being told insulin is needed to control blood sugar is not a reflection of your ability to follow medical care instructions.  Furthermore taking insulin does not equal you are ‘very sick’.  When your pancreas (maker of insulin) can no longer meet your body’s need you need to get it from somewhere.

Recent studies have shown starting insulin earlier can decrease complications of Diabetes (blindness, kidney damage, heart disease, amputation).