As I read the COVID-19 medical literature, print and online, I am learning bits of info I think you all need to know. Remember all viruses including COVID-19 are RNA that degrade over varying time unless they get into a ‘live’ – DNA organism. I will continue to share what I learn to help you avoid being a statistic. It is not far fetched to believe this pandemic will last 18 months (mentioned in the previous blog), yes the time it usually takes to make an effective vaccine or a recurrence – the ‘second wave’.


– 8 different COVID -19 strains worldwide some less aggressive then original

– Spreads when individuals are not sick for 4-14 days before they become sick

– Definitely the young can die –  documented deaths include that of a 1-year-old or 16 y.o. and not all elderly die -a 101 y.o. was discharged from hospital in Italy

– medical supplies are in shortage phase, SO stay in.  Always wear a mask if you ABSOLUTELY have to go out, sanitize everything entering the home

  • masks DO help – please wear one protect yourself and others from you
  • make a mask with a vacuum bag filter, perfect blockage place in a sleeve and wear
  • no microwaving masks to resterilize

– virus present in stool after a negative swab test

–  8 days is the average turning point of the illness either recovery or rapid worsening breathing

– mail can wait a few days in the garage

– this virus lasts 3 hours in the air, 24 hours on cardboard, 4 hours on copper since it is naturally antiseptic! 42 on metal steel, and on plastic 72 hours

– UV LIGHT on any object can break the virus protein

– viral molecules remain very stable in the external or artificial cold like air conditioners in homes and cars and live longer with darkness and humidity.

– according to CDC hand sanitizer has to be over 60% alcohol-so get the Vodka out of the freezer or Everclear (need 180 proof spirit which has 90% alcohol) MAKE YOUR OWN-add essential oil aloe vera gel -2 part alcohol (2/3 cup) 1 part(1/3 cup) aloe vera gel in a small bowl -as you like add 2-10 drops thyme, or cinnamon clove or tea tree oil. Bottle!

– at this posting are no vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, lozenges or OTC (over-the-counter) preparations to treat or cure COVID-19

– the Discovery Study (multiple countries in the EU) of 3,200 patients with the virus is underway with 4 different treatments being studied