th-2A study in health volunteers showed if you are sleep deprived you have a hard time ridding your mind of unpleasant memories. Fear, trauma recall is not extinguished. Previous studies on rodents had supported this theory. I could not have volunteered for this study! ‘Subjects’ were given low-level electric shock on their wrists -first they were trained to associate a blue circle with electric shock (on wrist) yellow no shock, then made to stay awake 36 hours, the next day they had electromyographic patterns in the eyelid (blink EMG) that are known to signal fear.

This was funded by US DOD where soldiers often do not sleep for over 24 hours.

Yes trauma to mind can lead to sleeplessness but sleep deprivation can lengthen fearful recall.

Source Reference: Straus L, et al “The effect of 36 hours of total sleep deprivation on extinction learning and recall” SLEEP 2015; Abstract 319