It is counterintuitive that we – the USA – spend largest percent of GPP (16%) on healthcare yet have a lower life expectancy than other countries.

Let me get specific,  taking countries ‘industrial’ not ‘underdeveloped-third world’ and using 21 possible models to determine age-specific mortality in 2030 for both men and women, in the USA one has a life expectancy of 78 years!

The National Resource Council report states one reason is our underperforming healthcare system 

Even though we have lower life expectancy than other developed countries, we do more screening for cancer, have a higher 5-year survival from cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Notice we excel at responding to disease, versus prevention. Yes everyone who has high cholesterol and hypertension is on medication however preventing these conditions is our system’s priority.

Our healthcare culture of intervention versus prevention is paid at a high price  and more importantly a lower life expectancy.