Liquid  biopsy

Blood tests rarely screen for more than one problem at a time, but now thanks to researchers, 8 different common cancers can be detected with overall 70% accuracy – for some cancers lower detection rate.  It is all about the DNA coming from the tumors as their cells die & biomarkers. The types of cancer that can be recognized before metastasis (spread) are : breast, esophagus, colorectal, liver, lung, ovary, pancreas and stomach. Called ‘CancerSeek’ test was developed through John Hopkins with cooperation nationally.  Screening blood tests already exist for 3 of the 8 but this ‘biopsy’ entails also looking at genes that are known to cause specific cancers.

I wrote about progress in liquid biopsie in past,  back in 2015 & in 2017 about nasopharyngeal cancer blood test.

Not ready for ‘prime time’ as yet, but keep a watchful eye out.