Reckoning Pandemic or Endemic

The prevailing educated guess is that the pandemic will go endemic! Endemic means that there are always people who are infected, who pass the infection to somebody else and then recover. Only 2 ways a pandemic can end either go on to be endemic or virus is eradicated. Read what else is changing for the future.


Vaccine Cheat-Sheet Insider Look

Latest information objectively presented in Doc’s latest podcast. Listen Up, thru your favorite source. Discover what the nonmedical outlets say is only an incomplete picture. Find out what’s between the lines, what is real, and most importantly what you need to do.

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Amazing Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oilsStudies indicate tea tree oil has amazing antiviral properties. Everyone has the SARS-CoV-2 on their minds so I must let you in on this wonderful adjunct to my medical care. I use it for fever blisters (Herpes simplex)  and sore throats, but remember when you use it as a gargle with 10:1 water to tea tree oil to spit! Have a listen for lots more details to my latest podcast on this beneficial oil. In this podcast, I refer to this blog for those that wish to read more.

CAUTION: There is always a possibility you might be allergic to tea tree oil. It is quite toxic to cats and dogs!

Flu vs. COVID-19, Similarities & Differences, Beware

Flu vs. Covid-19!

It’s the season –winter illness the flu– and although the numbers are down dramatically, we have a ‘cousin’ albeit a  distant one to influenza, causing a pandemic! So flu or COVID-19?  Am sure you might worry about flu vs. COVID-19. Can you tell if you are coming down with the flu or is it the dreaded COVID-19 in your body? What are the differences? Are there certain symptoms you should be looking for?

Please you got this, don’t stress over flu vs. COVID -19!

I’m going to help you learn, not only the similarities but differences as well. Taking care of your loved ones requires, besides love, a good bit of quality information. Knowledge is power. When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to treat yourself and those around you properly.

Listen Up!

Listen Up! Doc Handal spends a bit of time to arm you with the knowledge to help you maintain good health. Learn what flu and Covid-19 both have in common and how they are different.

Just like the flu, there are vaccines for COVID-19. I’ve reviewed the vaccines and you can read my insights. There are still so very many questions, you know I’ll keep you informed as information comes out. Prevention is most important right now, but by being careful and by getting the vaccine.

Still, confused? Leave me a comment with your questions and I’ll clear it up for you.

Whether it’s flu or COVID-19-19 take precautions, be careful, and be mindful of those around you.

Flu vs. COVID-19


PODCAST – COVID-19 Immunity

The latest podcast addresses the big question of immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. You have had the nasty thing and how long before your immunity ceases? ListenUp! Doc Handal shares the latest research and explains the basics of how a strong immune system responds. Have a listen via your favorite source to the COVID-19 immunity podcast.

New Saliva Test

There likely will be a time, before the vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 arrives, when you will get a test. This pandemic is far from over in this humble physician’s opinion. Have a listen to this short podcast and be current on viral testing. FDA approved the saliva at-home test.

Cellphone Health Dangers

There are many considerations everyone must comprehend when enjoying the benefits of this information technology era.

Stop and listen to the salient highlights you must consider, especially since a recent study showed your cellphone is dirtier than a bathroom.

Doc Handal gets to the issues.

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