Stop, Hospital Infection Spread – New Guidelines

Update based on research hopes to improve and optimally stop the spread of infection in hospitals. Nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections (HAI) occur in one and 31 patients in a healthcare setting to the cost of $28.4 billion in additional medical care that these patients require and don’t discount the death and disability that results from this in a person’s life. Doc’s latest podcast shares insights. Listen Up!

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Direct Your Neurocognitive Health

Dementia is an evergrowing diagnosis, in 2050 it is estimated that 152 million worldwide will be living with this neurocognitive impairment. Well, there are many causes, including hereditary genes, you can do much to avoid this diagnosis.
Doc Handal’s current podcast informs you what you can do to deter this condition. Your actions now no matter your age can make a difference. So Listen Up!

Alluring Caffeine

Caffeine jump-starts your day and puts a bounce in your step. It can help you focus, improve your mood and maybe even help you live longer. It is a natural stimulant! Listen to Doc Handal’s latest podcast and learn more about caffeine and how it is actually used in Denmark to improve nearsightedness in children listen up!

Hip Fractures & What You Eat

Your diet whether vegetarian, pescatarian (vegetarian that eats seafood) or a meat lover, can influence whether or not you were at higher risk for hip fracture. A recent study revealed that women following a certain diet are at 33% higher risk. To learn more about this, by listening to Doc Handal’s newest podcast.

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Bathe Everyday?

Doc Handal’s new podcast talks about our skin, the largest organ, and special considerations, if like 2/3 of all Americans, you bathe every day. Listen to this podcast to find out more about the ecosystem, the balance, the need for body odor removal, the presence of bacteria viruses, and fungus as well as the dangers of antibacterial soaps. She explains the need not to upset the process that our skin serves as a barrier and a defense.

Dial 988 For Mental Health Help

Every 11 minutes someone dies from suicide in the US! The pandemic increased mental behavioral health challenges. New resources built on the 200 call centers now will allow just dialing 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’. Replacing a 10-digit number. Listen to Doc’s latest podcast on this new upcoming launch.

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Wound Closure Truths

Wound Closure TruthsDoc Handal takes to the air with an insightful podcast conversation about repairing your torn skin. Sutures, stitches with needle and thread, staples, and adhesive glue are all possibilities but require considerations. These are a few ways to get  ‘split’ skin back together, if too messy for mother nature. Today in this podcast you’ll learn about sutures, staples (you may be already had a few), and adhesive glue to repair skin unnatural openings. Trauma is the most common cause be it from a surgeon’s knife, or kitchen knife, a fall, or blunt force insult, the skin is not armor.

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Pandemic Fatigue

As a physician, I must speak out. This podcast is titled Pandemic Fatigue but it could easily have been titled Pandemic – My Opinion! I have blogged often on the topic of the SARS CoV2 virus from a purely medical and scientific slant. This podcast shares my frustration and disappointment with a medical issue so botched in a country that is supposed to be a world health leader. While not an all-out – I did exercise modest control. I have mentioned several issues laypersons must realize. My blogs throughout the pandemic have reflected the objective medical knowledge known at the time of posting.  Have a listen below or in your favorite podcast choice.


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Savvy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Doc Handal, in her latest podcast, shares practical uses for a common medicine cabinet item. She includes recipes for its multiple uses from warts to whitening teeth. Do you know how to get rid of the skunk smell on your dog? Listen Up and learn!