By now even if you do not watch news programs your friends have shared information they have gleaned from their reading and watching. Yes, it is time to recognize you are stressed, your sanity is being tested. Have I stepped into a Stephen King movie? It is real, after all, it is not just our government talking. Could all the numbers and pictures be manipulated images? Is the tail wagging the dog? Wag the Dog‘, a great movie by the way!

Virus anxieties understandable will arise in dealing with the worst pandemic in 100 years (fear of getting sick/dying/job loss, etc).  Serious inter-personal conflict is sure to follow.

It is especially hard for those in lockdown by themselves. Already in Germany, the Minister of Finance is believed to have committed suicide over his perceived failure to protect his country.

You need to prepare for dealing with the inevitable stress that is here.

Call To Action

 -make a plan

  • start by taking stock, where am I in all of this. Remember glass can be half full not half empty.
  • Resources, safety, job security, finances
  • have a backyard – plant!

-set area to improve during this time with good behaviors

-ID your stress dissect it talk it out. De-stressing Aids are numerous a few include:

  • Yes, an App exists -actually many do ex. “Shine’
  • plenty of meditation and well-being Apps ( check them out).

-stay socially connected -not just text at least once a day have at least a 15 min phone or better face to face (Facetime, Skype, Zoom) tete a tete. I let friends know the best time periods to see my face!


We are Social Beings