It bad enough to contract COVID-19 but some individuals do not  ‘get rid’ of it! While we do not know much about this worldwide illness, the medical community is trying to keep up with learning on the job.

There are some individuals, no profile yet determined for, in which symptoms persist for longer than the typical 2-3 weeks. 

These individuals are varying persistent and even new problems post-acute illness from the SARS CoV-2 virus. This post-viral illness has affected all age groups and in no specific way. New symptoms can develop, for example, actress Alyssa Milano after contracting COVID-19 in March suffering from common symptoms now have hair falling out. Medical professionals need to heed their patients’ bodily complaints as they try life post-acute COVID-19 infection.

To date, just anecdotal reports but no good large study but many are starting worldwide. But research needs time, one sampling found that one in five, 18-34-year-olds were not ‘bouncing’ back to their previous health. (phone surgery by CDC July 31).

When we practice risky behavior putting ourselves and others at risk – think the virus may move in and not leave!