Conventional wisdom says ‘if your parents live long you will’. ¬†Subscribing to believe ‘it is in your genes’ is common, we have been lulled into that security or insecurity.
Parental lifespan predicts daughters living to 90 without chronic disease or disability says researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. They found that if your mother lived to more than 90 you likely were (by 25%) and to be relatively free of serious disease and disability

Naturally, it follows moms who lived to over 90 were in good health missing the ‘bad biggies’ including cancer diabetes stroke and
frequent broken bones.

No surprise that moms who were independent did own grooming including bathing, had hobbies they enjoyed ended living over 90 without serious confines.
Sadly if only your dad lived to over 90 a daughter did not benefit!
But don’t write his contribution to your health off just yet, researchers noted that if both parents lived to over 90, your longevity went to 38%
A limitation of this study is the lack of information regarding parents cause of death.
Yes in the genes but lifestyle choices passed on contribute.