Too much is Diabetes to little is also bad! Diabetics can suffer from this when medication and diet are not in harmony. Hypoglycemia is also a medical condition in non-diabetic persons. Sugar can give us energy it is metabolized and used in our bodies for important actions.

You need to know warning signs, symptoms, and medical care. If you experience weakness, dizziness, shakiness, fast heartbeat, anxiety or headache, hunger, irritability, sweating including at nite you may have low blood sugar.

Since we are individuals symptoms will vary from person to person, some have no symptoms. Realize that tiredness, a fogged brain, being on edge. As blood sugar drops epinephrine (adrenaline pours into the bloodstream to raise sugar up after time depletion occurs and brain function is altered causing fog anxiety even passing out.

The brain consumes about 25-20% of carbohydrate you consume.


Get a medical diagnosis don’t guess. Keep a diary, present that information to your health care provider, and follow suggestion on dietary intake.