Plenty of new alternatives exist for immediate episodic medical care from a ‘Doc-in-a-box’ to pharmacy chain walk in ‘clinics’-aka Minute Clinic? (CVS).

Healthcare Clinic-Walgreen

Healthcare Clinic-Walgreen

Those seeking quick episodic care may suffer from a few realities including: antibiotics will likely be overprescribed as no pre-knowledge of you as a responsible person exists and follow up unknown, limited or no access to your medical history.

Retail clinic commonly are marketed for such things as minor illness/injuries, physicals, administration of vaccines, monitoring, and blood testing. Realize at the corner medical clinic, evaluation space is small and support staff limited. The credentials of healthcare professional delivering care will vary greatly. State law, age of patients vary hence staffing variations even within the same chain.


– if you are on multiple prescribed medications such a venue is not optimal

– if you use such a facility please give the name of your primary healthcare provider so a copy of the encounter can make its way to the office.

Why do people go to same hairdresser/barber yet when needing attention for their body they seek care from the corner retail clinic? Your hairdresser knows your hair your attitude and how you care for it, plus you know who/where to find him/her. Why accept anything less for your health.

Ask your doctor for what circumstances you should use a retail medical clinic, better yet suggest that she/he do flexible scheduling, or offer after hours care.