A basic rule in medical care is ‘Do No Further Harm’!

It is drummed into us in medical training even the pre-hospital EMS get this repeated and repeated during their training. So why do medical errors kill enough people yearly to be the 6th leading cause of death in the USA- 98,000 die annually from medical errors.

Well you probably already figured out that many (20-30%) of drugs prescribed, tests ordered and procedures carried out  are not necessary. Yes we think medical care based on  ‘out of an overabundance of caution’, or ‘better to be safe than sorry’ is good care-it is not! It costs in more ways than one.

The hospitals are safe-right? The percent of hospitalized patients ‘hurt’ by medical errors is 25% according to New England Journal Medicine (NEJM).

It is the health of YOUR body so please use your brain – research a health care provider (do NOT use ease of parking as a determiner). Ask questions and listen to DocHandal’s related podcasts on the DocHandal Speaks! Listen Up Channel in iTunes –  ‘Medical Care Control’, ‘Doctor Searches’,  ‘Tips On Dealing with Doctors’.