Anyone in academia will tell you, publications are critical. I was in academic medicine and was part of that mentality for decades. Yes, if you didn’t publish you would perish! No longer in academic medicine, I still feel the need to speak out, often doctors do so, in medical journals. I have been working to make the medical community, government, and people at large aware of prehospital medical care. The needs of those in prehospital medicine have increased dramatically with the pandemic and now as endemic. Under PRESS AND PUBLICATIONS, on this website, you can view my participation in spreading the word. I have tried to honestly analyze the data and give a voice to the many practitioners and prehospital medicine. Below are the publications for 2022 to date. The authors represent all the in the field of paramedicine.

Medical Truths PublishedMaguire BJ, O’Neill BJ, Phelps S, Maniscalco PM, Gerard DR, Contreras, GW, Handal KA. Establishing a Personal Protective Technology Center of Excellence to Address Unique Research Needs of Paramedicine Clinicians. JEMS. January 31, 2022.

Maguire BJ, O’Neill BJ, Maniscalco PM, Gerard DR, Phelps S, Handal KA. Protecting Paramedicine Clinicians from Infectious Disease. JEMS. January, 10, 2022Medical Truths Published