The most common food allergy for US children under 5 is milk! A prevalence of 1.9%, which is important to know! Of concern, I would say yes, so many foodstuffs contain milk or milk byproduct.

Milk is strongly encouraged in the first 8 years of life in our culture so it is important to know if a child develops or has a milk allergy. Allergy can start out with colic or eczema and go to a full-blown allergic anaphylactic reaction with the airway closing off from swelling.

Some parents and doctors do not recognize the subtle beginnings in a child. While it can be ‘outgrown’ in some it is not but rather escalates.

Testing for IgE to alert to food allergies in even teen children having issues with milk products is a simple blood test.

Only 1 in 4 children with this allergy carries an epinephrine pen. Goes to ounce prevention -these individuals should carry epinephrine pens!