What are the odds your doctor will always make the correct diagnosis? Is it the doctor or are odds significantly stacked?

Symptoms are ‘complaints’, or problems that our body manifests to hint something is wrong. Examples include vomiting, cough, fever, and 197 more that are recognized for billing purposes by the health insurance companies.

Given that you should also know that there is a code for every disease. Guess how many diseases are listed in the healthcare billing code (ICD-10-CM)?


Yes, a large mismatch 200 into 70,000. Sadly misdiagnosis or delayed correct diagnosis of patients has been shown to occur at least once in everyone’s lifetime. Each disease has multiple signs and symptoms. I mention this to give insight so you can open your mouth with some degree of knowledge when you feel your body is ‘talking to you’ despite medical diagnosis. As a parent you have added responsibility when realizing a child is not improving despite medical intervention.

Healthcare providers are human! At least the ones that diagnose. 

NOTE: If you talk to Alexa, Amazon’s voice activated virtual assistant you may be ready for Dr. AI™! Created after research and interviews with over 100,000 physicians HealthTap virtual doctor –Dr. AI™ – is coming! Conversational presentation of your symptoms to the virtual doctor can be followed by suggestions at present of: call a ‘HealthTap‘ doctor, go to an appointment, or go to the emergency room. To date no accuracy or safety information is available nor is appropriateness of the decisions – what to do – such as go to ER call.