The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just opened their mouths regarding time spent in front of a screen by children ages 0-5. You may ask why these ages? These are most formative years for the brain to develop social behavior and relation building. Most important factor –┬áparental supervision! children-learning-888892_1280

A few highlights:

-eBooks often come with interactive multimedia that can be distracting and may actually decrease comprehension. Parents should use eBooks similar to print


– More screen time means increasing body mass index (BMI). Not a profound deduction – more sitting or lying around in front of the screen leads to increases body weight.

– Less sleep occurs, when a device is in bedroom. Watching ‘blue light’ monitors prompted Apple to created ‘night shift’ which automatically changes your display’s colors to be “warmer,” and thus, easier on the eyes.

– Development of social and emotional skills are delayed