Lately the label ‘healthcare provider’ has replaced medical doctor and physician.  At present physician assistants and nurse practitioners have been recognized as ‘equivalent’ guardians of your health, whichever professional you go to please as applies to you, have them answer some or all the questions below.  Be sure you get an understandable answer. If at first, you do not, demand one!

It is not a one-sided conversation when you seek medical care questions.

Demand a satisfactory answer from Your Healthcare Provider for these :

  • What website(s) do you like as a resource for my condition?
  • What website(s) do you like as a resource for medications?
  • How many calories a day should I have?
  • What is an abnormal blood pressure for me?
  • What are the side effects of this new prescription? When is it best to take – morning night, with or w/o food
  • How much alcohol can I drink to have beneficial effects?
  • How much cholesterol a day should I have since on cholesterol-lowering medicine?
  • Travel restrictions -there is a minimal realization of the changes that occur to every ‘body’ at flying altitude. Dependent on your health issues flying can be disastrous.

Just a bit of background info for you to go in with:

  • How much coffee can I drink a day? FYI- that drinking coffee greater than 3 cups/day ( study found ) decreased in pancreatitis DM and obesity, but more importantly prolonged life.


  • Should I take aspirin prophylactic and how much?  FYI – low dose has been recommended in many for prevention of stroke and other cardiovascular conditions. New research show it is not one size fits all. The dosage needs to be weight dependent after finding if you weigh more than 70kg & on low dose more likely to die if have a cardiovascular event. Bottom line: low dose is okay for those less than 154.3 (70)kg).


  • What is the worst thing I should watch for with this new prescription medication (esp. antibiotic)?FYI – fluoroquinolones ( used in humans and animals as Avelox, Cipro,  Floxin, Levaquin, Noroxin, Tequin, Maxaquin) can effect mental health and decrease your sugar level. If he/she mentions frightful side effects feel free to ask ‘Is it really necessary’? Then always read information that accompanies your prescription. One better if you have concern go to and read up on the medication.