News: Phase III study completed on nasal testosterone. Indications – so far on the label is for males with hypogonadism (small male genitalia) doses (4-8 hours) allows for the maintenance of testicular testosterone production and sperm production. Nasal does not suppress a man’s natural testosterone level but simply adds. I mention this only because of the prevailing winds of ‘machismo’.

Why shouldn’t men take hormones? TV ads health and nutrition stores and online testaments benefits of boosted testosterone. As with any hormone, a blood level is the best beginning point. Many health issues such as  Diabetes HIV, liver/ kidney disease, infection and more can affect one’s level. Dependents on age, both men and women have ‘normal’ levels of testosterone circulating.

Is it needed since viagra is available? This and more queries can be answered by reading such sites as Web MD low testosterone. Do you go to a physician for evaluation of possible symptoms and troubles that result from low testosterone, or do you go to Google and Amazon?

Even Consumer reports evaluate this hormone category.  Online searches for ‘buying testosterone results in TNTC ‘hits’. Nugenix Natural Testosterone Booster is Frank Thomas’s recommendation.

Replacement is so very different than over- ‘enhancing’ what our body makes and needs. Side effects are present read on this at

Please be responsible find out if your body needs testosterone. Don’t subscribe to ‘more is better’ for the body.