I feel I would not be a responsible physician nor a good medical blogger if I did not discuss aspects of death. I prefer to discuss near-death experiences that can occur during the Lazarus Syndrome or autoresuscitation chronicled in the medical literature. End-of-life experiences abound but as with any information it must be reviewed and reading authoritative accounts are helpful. Sooner or later we all look for information on this topic. I turn to those who have near-death experiences. There are psychics and physicians, many published. My research has led me to a podcast and a few books I want to share in this blog.
A podcast (NearDeathExperiencePodcast.org) co-hosted by the anesthesiologist, John Meser, DO is the official podcast and audio source for the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF.org) is a great starting place. The NDERF was founded in 1999 by a radiation- oncologist, Jeffery Long, MD. Also in your search be sure to listen to Debra Diamond, Ph.D. She has authored Life After Near Death. I particularly value her print (audio available) publication, Diary of A Doula, 25 Lessons the Dying Teach Us About Afterlife.