Published in July issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, research suggests that the inexpensive, old and common medication – aspirin can protect the brain from dementia.

There are approx. 5.7 million Americans living with dementia. Alzheimer’s is one of the worst forms of dementia, which affects 1 in 10 folks over 65. Few drugs exist and those approved show limited to poor effect. The medical premise is that amyloid protein clumps settle in the brain as plaques.

Studies in mice showed aspirin reduced the risk of plaques. The more needed research will follow to arrive at ‘low dose’ for humans.

On July 6th,  pharmaceutical company Biogen stock went up 19% as a result of announcing that experimental drug, BAN2401 which did nothing in 800 patients after 1 year but showed some improvement after 18 months. It will take time to be available as further study is needed.

Curious timing, I think!