Do you think that watching TV places you at greater risk for premature death? Is computer use or time spent driving associated with this risk?

Alas a practical study, university graduates, average age 37 were followed for 8 years. Corrections were made for age, sex, smoking and energy intake Mediterranean diet adherence and BMI. They also adjusted for drinking sugar sweetened drinks and snacks while watching TV.

Sitting behavior (sedentary lifestyle) has long been associated with an increase likelihood of premature death but no study had looked at exactly what one was doing while ‘sitting around’.

JAMA published this study out of Spain showing what you are doing sitting DOES matters. Study findings reveal:

  • – 3 hours or more of TV daily increases premature death risk 2 fold over next 8 years vs. those watching no more than 1 hour/day.
  • – time using computer or driving was not associated with a significant increase risk!

FYI: Americans spent more than half of their waking hours sitting (2008 study).

Noteworthy –  Is it the emotional,  modularizing by hormones, social isolation or that you are in control with computer use and driving? Are you surprised by these findings? Am sure you will have some thoughts comments are always welcome.