FDA just approved a nasal spray of the opioid (ex. heroin, Demerol, Codeine, Percocet) reversing drug – Naloxone (Narcan®).

Legally acquired or not, this class of ‘pain killers’ drugs can go from euphoria to slowing breathing and even kill you. Naloxone nasal spray does is quick and sends a measured dose. This prescription product can be used on adults or children and is easily used by anyone, – no medical training needed.keep-calm-and-administer-naloxone

Simple – squeeze one spray in each nostril while person is on their back.

We in the emergency medical care have been using injectible Naloxone for a very long time. It is dramatically effective and can be used all ages. No side effects other than causing rapid reversal of the drugs action. Unpredictable behaviors even violent can occur with its use.