Compared to other US workers, physicians (MDs/DOs) have higher ‘burnout’ rates. One in three physicians across all medical specialties (Critical Care and Emergency Medicine over 50%) have burn out! No surprise Dr. Drummond (family physician – developed the “Burnout Proof” mobile app for physicians.

The 2015 Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey* reported an even higher burnout rate – 46 percent versus 39.8 percent in a 2013 survey.

Naturally there are unwanted costs: lower patient satisfaction and care quality, greater medical errors and increased malpractice risk, increased staff turnover. Changes in personal behavior such as overuse of alcohol, drug abuse even addiction, and suicide is common. You may her wishers in the office or outright recognize such problems.Doctor

Burn out is like running on low or no batteries, one is not efficient realize as a health care consumer that the odds are that 1 of your 3 physicians could have burn out.

BE vigilant and take stock of your healthcare provider.

* Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey 2015.