Almost everyone I know takes supplements, wither because we do not get enough daily nutrients or we subscribe to ‘more is better’.

There is no official inspection/regulation for OTC product integrity, including multivitamins (multis). So should blind trust prevail? It definitely should not – a recent review revealed defects in over 30% of multis tested. The review included:MH900215352

Is there less than or too much compared to label?

Gluten free tested free?

Are contaminates of arsenic or cadmium present?

Does the tablet even dissolve in our body?

 and so much more! (yearly subscription for minimal charge) much akin to Consumer Reports, reviews (actually tests) thousands of products that we daily pull off shelves.

There are many ways to search on this site: by precise chemical name -ex. thiamine, by sector, probiotics or my end consumer – for women, men, teens, children, and even Pets. This site does go further giving attention to the consumer with also listing price per unit. It is definitely worth a look & read if a product contains what it advertises it does, is there contaminates, and more.

Your health and what you put into your body SHOULD truly be having a benefit. So start by check the quality of the product.