Omicron Launch To Sub-VariantsOmicron (BA.1), has now mutated to a ‘BA.2’ type, a subtype- call it ‘sister lineage’. While Omicron has 60 mutations, BA.2 has 85. It has been termed “stealth variant” due to a mutation that renders it ‘invisible’ as Omicron to PCR testing. BA.2 has spread to over 40 countries, including the US, UK, India, Australia, and Norway. It is more transmissible.  symptoms of new lineage are pretty much the same as from Omicron but the severity of infections from BA.2  is not yet known yet. No matter the number of boosters, nor the presence of antibiotics from having had COVID-19 you can ‘catch’ this variant. Recall the purpose of the antibody (whether from a vaccine or previous infection) is to find the virus and prevent it from binding to our cells and causing illness. Will B-2 be a ‘player worldwide? It is more transmissible at first flush but little else is known at present. Don’t think it will stop there, already there is a BA.3 identified! But the good news is it is believed by virologists that recovery from Omicron BA.1 will protect from infection from sub-variants.

Information about contagiousness is key. After a five-day quarantine, about a third of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 might still be infectious, according to new data from Lorna Harries of the University of Exeter Medical School in England. After a 10-day quarantine, one in 10 people might still be infectious, study showed some individuals are shedding virus as far out as 68 days. It is potentially noteworthy this study was carried out before Delta and Omicron variants began to spread.

It is simple to see that the CDC rule for 5-day quarantine is a potential spreading factor.

My concern for everyone in the recent finding is that even with a mild case, resulting long-hauler effects can occur.  Common symptoms are chronic fatigue like fever, aching, prolonged tiredness, and depression. Also intermittent breathing problems. Nonrestful sleep, muscle aches, and pains can occur in not hospitalized COVID-19 patients.